Effective Date: 03/15/ 2016,Updated 05/24/2018

Any information that is collected via our Services is covered by the Privacy Statement in effect at the time such information is collected.We may revise this Privacy Statement from time to time.If we make any material changes to this Privacy Statement,we'll notify you of those changes by posting them on the Services or by sending you an email or other notification,and we'll update the "Last Updated Date" above to indicate when those changes will become effective.

Part A.Use of the Site


Children should always get permission from their parents before sending any information about themselves (such as their names,email addresses,和电话号码)通过互联网,对我们或其他任何人。我们的网站不针对13岁以下的儿童,and we won't knowingly allow anyone under 13 to provide us any personally identifying information;if you're under 13,请不要在此网站上提供任何关于您自己的信息。如果我们得知我们从13岁以下的孩子那里收集了任何个人信息,we will delete that information from our database as quickly as possible.


The information that 万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements collects about visitors while they are using the Site falls into two general categories:

Information You Provide to Us.万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements may collect and store information that you voluntarily supply either while on the Site or in responding via email to a feature provided on the Site.For example,you may electronically submit information to us that can be used to identify you,such as your name,email 邮寄地址(“个人信息"),when you download forms,RSVP for events or contact us with requests,questions or any other queries via the Site.If you decline to supply or provide us with certain information while using the Site,you may not be able to use or participate in some or all of the features offered through the Site.You can also update your email preferences using the email preferences link the footer of any email that 你的 从我们这里接收。

Information that is Automatically Collected.万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网教育要素还收集和存储某些其他非识别信息(即information that is not Personal Information because it cannot be used by itself to identify you) about you that is generated automatically as you navigate through the Site.For example,to enhance your experience on the Site we use a standard feature found in browser software called a "cookie."

A "cookie" is a small data file that a site sends to your browser,which then stores this information on the hard drive of your computer in order to collect in anonymous form certain behavioral information related to your use of the Site,including your movement about the Site and the pages on the Site you visit most frequently.我们使用cookies和类似的技术来帮助我们提醒您是谁,并帮助您在访问期间浏览我们的网站。

  • 第一方饼干。By showing how and when visitors use the Site,cookies帮助我们跟踪用户趋势和模式。通过保存您的首选项和密码,cookie使您的体验更加轻松。We also use cookies that contain no Personal Information at all.These cookies help us estimate our audience size,determine which areas of the Site are the most popular,and serve targeted advertising.
  • Third-party cookies.Our advertisers,third-party analytics providers,通过我们网站提供产品和/或服务的人也可以分配他们自己的cookie,a process we don't control.我们无法访问这些cookie或它们包含的任何信息。
  • Web beacons.万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements also uses Web beacons (invisible images,also known as "single-pixel GIFs") to count users who visit the Site.

当您访问我们的网站时,我们会自动收集有关您的计算机配置的有限信息,including the type of browser software you use,the operating system you're running,the date and time you access our site,session information (such as download errors and page response times),information about your viewing and search history,the resolution of your computer monitor,介绍你的网站,你的网址点击流到,through,and from the 万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements website,and your IP address.

您的IP地址是一个数字地址,连接到Internet的计算机使用它来标识您的计算机,以便将数据(如您要查看的网页)传输给您。We also use IP address information for systems administration and troubleshooting purposes.Your IP address does not tell us who you are.

The use of cookies is common.Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies.However,如果你愿意,you can set your browser to either notify you when you receive a cookie or to refuse to accept cookies.这是可能的,然而,如果您在访问或使用网站时拒绝或禁用Internet cookie,网站的某些区域将无法正常工作。如果您想了解更多关于此实践的信息以及您选择不接受cookie的信息,pleaseclick here.

This information,which may be used internally or for marketing purposes generally,allows us,among other things,to improve the delivery of our Web pages to you,to analyze usage,测量edelements.com网站上的流量。


edelements.com uses the information it collects from you while you are using the Site for a variety of purposes,such as marketing and testing of our products and services or sending messages on behalf of other organizations.我们还使用这些信息来定制出现在网站上的功能和广告。We review our users' preferences,interests,demographics,交通模式,and other information so that we can better understand our audience and what they want.Tracking user preferences also helps us serve you more relevant advertising.By using the website,你授权我们,我们的供应商,to use the information collected for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement.We do not,不会,ever sell your information to others.

访问谷歌网页谷歌如何使用数据,Advertising,和曲奇饼干技术和Facebook的隐私政策要了解有关这些信息收集实践的更多信息,to access your advertising preferences,or to opt out of such interest-based advertising;they also offer特殊浏览器工具to opt out of their analytics altogether.

Customer Service.如果您联系我们索取信息,我们还将使用您的个人信息。Please note that any comments or materials sent to us,包括反馈数据,such as questions,评论,建议,and any other responses are deemed to be non-confidential and we may use,reproduce,distribute,and publicly display such comments and materials without reference to you personally.We may also use any ideas,概念,诀窍,或出于任何目的包含在此类响应中的技术。

在公共区域披露的信息。You should be aware that if you voluntarily disclose Personal Information online in a public area of the Site,such as on blog comments,可以看出,collected,and used by others besides Ed Elements.我们 are  not 负责任何未经授权的第三方使用您在网站公共区域披露的信息。

Links And Features Offered In Conjunction With Other Providers.This Privacy Statement applies only to information collected by Ed Elements.The Site includes links to other websites, and provides access to products and services offered by third parties,whose privacy policies we do not control.当您访问其他网站、购买产品或服务或进行其他交易时,从链接到该网站的第三方网站,use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the website you are visiting or the provider of such products or services.

Jobvite,the careers channel website used by 万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements,有自己的隐私政策.请在使用前熟悉该政策Jooviv.com.


Other Disclosures.We may occasionally release information about our visitors when 释放 is appropriate to comply with the law,为了执行我们的用户协议,或者为了保护权利,property,or safety of visitors to our site,我们的客户,the public,or 万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements.In the unlikely event that 万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements or substantially all of its assets is acquired by another company,information on our visitors would be among the transferred assets.

向我们的用户发送电子邮件通信。Emails may be sent by 万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elements,但仅限于请求或同意接收电子邮件的用户,比如电子通讯和市场信息。您在博客注册时提供的电子邮件地址,newsletter sign up,event registration,contact form,information request,内容下载,or as updated,也可由Ed元素出于任何原因与您联系,包括:(1)网站新内容或功能的可用性通知,(2)参与用户调查,asking for feedback on the Site and (3) notifying you of existing or prospective products and services offered by us or our advertisers and partners.

Part B.Use of Subscriptions


订阅实体可以使用与我们的订阅集成的第三方服务提供商访问与其在线教育服务或计划相关的订阅。万博manbetx官网第三方综合服务“”。通过 使用 of our Subscriptions,Subscribing Entities provide us with information in several ways.For example,the Subscribing Entity may be connected to our servers via its database using our API or it will deliver information to us via 使用 安全的FTP站点。当订阅实体使用我们的订阅时,我们将收到订阅实体或第三方集成服务收集的最终用户信息。我们要求订阅实体和第三方综合服务遵守适用于其信息共享实践的任何法律,并在与我们共享最终用户信息之前向最终用户或最终用户的父母或法定监护人提供任何必要的通知。如果您是订阅实体在线服务或教育计划的最终用户,则适用于您使用该服务的隐私政策是由适用的订阅实体或其第三方集成服务向您提供的隐私政策。万博manbetx官网

订阅实体,or applicable Third-Party Integrated Service,determines what types of information will be sent to our servers when they use the Subscriptions.根据订阅中选择的设置,我们可能会收到最终用户的个人信息,如学生姓名、学号、教师姓名、电子邮件地址等;以及非个人信息,such as a student's school district,school ID number,gender and grade.

We may also receive information about how student End Users use and interact with a school's online service or 万博manbetx官网educational program,like student activity data,包括课程/活动名称,分数,获得的分数和可能的分数;学生使用数据,包括登录日期,session ID,会议时间,and time spent on a particular activity by a student.


We use the information received from Subscribing Entities to provide them with a range of services and to support those related services provided to them by an applicable Third Party Integrated Service.We use the Personal Information we receive about End Users as a result of our relationships with our Subscribing Entities solely to provide the Subscriptions to our Subscribing Entities and we will never use it for any other purpose.For example,when our Subscribing Entities use our Subscriptions to centralize student activity data we use that data in combination with and a student's Personal Information to enable schools and teachers to keep up to date on a student's progress and activities.我们还为订阅实体提供分析服务,帮助他们评估和了解学生如何与在线课程互动,例如,and to develop and improve their those programs.



我们采取合理的管理方式,physical and electronic measures designed to protect the information that we collect or receive from users of the Site and End Users from unauthorized access,使用或披露,包括使用SSL和其他技术加密数据。Please be aware,然而,任何通过互联网传输信息或存储信息的方法都不完全安全。Accordingly,我们不能保证任何信息的绝对安全。


If you are user of our Site or an End User your Personal Information may be transferred to, and maintained on,computers located outside of your state,省,country or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction.如果您位于美国以外,并且您选择通过网站向我们提供您的个人信息,或者您是最终用户,we may transfer your Personal Information to the United States and process it there.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Statement,please direct them toinfo@edelements.comor to:

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