Personalized Learning
Design and Launch Kit

Make the shift to personalized learning
with a trusted and tested approach.

Why a do-it-yourself approach?

  • We have buy-in,but no plan forward
  • We need a low-cost option to give us direction
  • We need alignment before we get started
  • We want to personalize,and don't know where to start
Why a do-it-yourself approach to personalized learning

What is the Personalized Learning Design and Launch Kit?

  • Fully baked project plan,meeting and workshop agendas,slides and manbetx万博网贴吧resources to guide the implementation of personalized learning
  • A complete kit to enable district,school and teacher leaders to develop staff through:
    • Building a shared understanding of the what,why and how of personalized learning
    • Designing classroom models centered on student needs
    • Providing opportunities for reflection and iteration
  • Researched and tested活动based on the same 万博manbetx官网万博manbetx官网Education Elementsframeworkandmethodologythat has launched personalized models in over 750 schools across 140 districts

Learn more  about our PL Methodology

What is the Personalized Learning Design and Launch Kit?

How does the PL Design and Launch Kit help students,teachers and leaders?

By following the plan and customizing the workshop materials to meet your needs,you will lead your team in designing,implementing and improving personalized models that transform learning for students.

School and district leaders will be able to:

  • Create alignment through shared rollout plan,vision,goals and instructional expectations for PL
  • Build teacher capacity around classroom design and concrete PL teacher strategies
  • Start right away--the plan is ready for you to customize

Teachers will be able to:

  • Build a foundation for what personalized learning is,how and why it helps students
  • Learn a process for designing and iterating on classroom models
  • Create a tigther coupling between offline and online learning

Students will be able to:

  • Reflect on learning more frequently and make decisions as a result
  • Interact with more often with material that is accessible and engaging
  • Have more opportunities to work with teachers in small group or 1-1 settings

What do I get?

  • A 12-month subscription to Touchpoint
  • An implementation plan that can be customized to your timeline
  • Workshop materials for 5 direct-to-teacher workshops and 5 leadership team workshops
  • School Reflection Journal,to understand readiness,guide reflection and monitor progress
  • Resource Library with examples and practices from schools and districts around the country
  • Initial orientation,strategy,and setup session with a member of the Ed Elements team
What I do get from the Personalized Learning Design & Launch Kit

What Else to Know About the PL Design and Launch Kit?

This webinar will show you how you can design sustained professional development that shifts teacher practice over time through the PL Design and Launch Kit.

The methodology applied in the PL Design and Launch Kit helps you jumpstart and sustain personalized learning PD and leverage PD best practices while using a DIY approach.

Ready to get the Kit?